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What is Connect for the Best?
  • An on-line referral and booking system, as well as a job portal.
  • CFTB connects pre-qualified workers to available jobs.
  • CFTB provides employers with an avenue to hiring qualified employees.
How is Connect for the Best different from other directories?
  • Employees can decide if shifts fit their schedule, then apply.
  • Online recommendations and testimonials from current or previous employers verifies work experience and capabilities.
  • Both employers and employees get to write testimonials.
  • All employees have confirmed reference checks done by CFTB.
How do I improve my ranking?
  • Ranking can be improved by providing the very best service and both parties asking the other to take the time to write a testimonial evaluating the experience.
  • Ranking can be impacted by unclear expectations and requesting services that were not agreed to. Attaching the correct documents that set the correct expectations is key.
How do I know the reviews are valid?
  • All users are registered and only bookings originating or booked through the web site will receive a testimonial to complete at the end of an assignment. The services are ranked and comments and photos if appropriate may be added.
How are bad reviews handled?
  • Low ranking and negative comments will generate a follow up phone call from CFTB to assist in resolution.
  • Inappropriate comments will be removed by management.
How do I pay/get paid?
  • CFTB is only a connection service. The employer and employee will follow the normal payment processing of part time staff.
Will this mean more staff on the payroll/more T4 slips?
  • Yes. As different employers select and use an employee’s services each party is growing their bank of available resources making scheduling easier
  • An employer paying an employee less than $500 annually may not be required to prepare a T4 slip. Check out this web site for more information.