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We believe in business done differently.
Or - more accurately - business done better.

We believe that managers deserve reliable, experienced, verified hospitality workers - the right workers to help with last minute staff shortages.

We believe that workers are entitled to fair wages and a schedule that fits their life - whether that’s 60 hours a week or occasional shifts with plenty of time for fun.
But most importantly, we believe that nobody should have to deal with:

Makes sense, right? We thought so. That’s why we’re changing the way people find help.
How is Connect For The Best different?
We’re not a temp agency - we’re much, much better

Temp agencies are expensive for managers and often pay incredibly low wages for staff. And when looking for someone long term online job postings are costly and reach everyone, instead of the best.

Then busy season or staff shortages hit and managers waste time training temporary staff while across the city, experienced hospitality workers go without enough hours, waiting for their own hotel to pick up.

Simply put, we connect amazing service workers to companies who want to hire them for work.

We take the guesswork out of hiring new staff.

We know that as a hospitality manager you’re struggling to balance budgets, supervise staff and keep clients happy. We’re in your corner. We screen and vet every worker before they upload a profile - only 20% of workers are approved. We save managers time and money by providing quality over quantity. No Craigslist ads, no hours of resume reading, no cattle calls of unknown workers. You can search workers by availability or skill set for both short term and permanent positions.

Ready to save time + money + connect with fantastic hospitality workers?

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