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Testimonials for Connect for the Best

"Margaret, this is a fantastic idea you have going here. It would need to be someone who has the hospitality experience, to know what the needs are for the hotels. Once you work in a hotel it never really leaves you, nor does the customer satisfaction what ever industry you work in. This is a great idea, and I wish you success and happiness." - Linda McLaughlin, Worker

"Connect For The Best is a great service I recommend if you are looking for temporary work, a few more hours during the week, or just a way to get your foot in the door. Pay rates for each job are very generous compared to most other places." - Adam Bannon, Worker

"Hi Margaret, its been a great idea helping other people by putting them back again and leading them into a new career they are gonna love most. My friend and I are just one of the many people that you had help to get a job. We want to express our heartfelt thanks to you for giving us the chance to build a new career with you and be connected to other people... More success to your business and continue to inspire people by making a difference." - Michelle Gutierrez, Worker

"Connect for the best helped me in completing my internship hours. Create your profile and start applying for jobs that best suit your wants and schedules." - Jemma Ruth Domingo, Worker

"Margaret and her web site Connect for the Best are amazing! Margaret’s depth of knowledge is invaluable, which I have taken advantage of, on numerous occasions. Her advice has always proven to be right on the money. When I used her web site to hire a house person, the response was almost instantaneous. Within minutes I had a couple of applicants. They were both quality people, and I hired one of them. This new staff member has proven to be a tremendous asset to our team. She has only been with us for a couple of weeks, and already she has received compliments from our guest surveys. Margaret and her team were also able to provide me with three quality housekeepers, for one shift. They bailed me out of a very difficult situation! Margaret and CFTB are an incredible resource that I recommend to anyone in the hospitality industry. Thank you Margaret and Connect for the Best! - Philip Brown, Executive Housekeeper, Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites" (Philip Brown)
"I hired Rena Wang to work two, last minute shifts with my cleaning service. She was professional, upbeat and very detail oriented. Rena was able to step into the position with minimal instruction, relying on the training she received through Connect For The Best. The hiring process was efficient and support was just an email away. I can't say enough good things about this service. In my moment of panic, undergoing a staffing shortfall, Margaret provided guidance, helping me source trained and qualified candidates, within a moments notice. Thank you Connect For The Best!! - Katie Shulist, President, Dhyana Cleaning" (Katie Shulist)
"I was able to get additional hours through CFTB and got hired as a Pool Attendant at a hotel downtown. The application process was easy and all I had to do was fill out some forms the first time I worked, then the hotel was able to have me in for more shifts in the following weeks. I recommend CFTB to anyone looking for more hours and who wants hours that fit their schedule. - Nicole Tersigni, Worker" ( )
"I work for J Company Designs which is a full service decor company. During Tiff this year we were in need of extra staff, I contacted Margaret Readings from Connect For The Best. She put me in touch with Nichole Tersigni, they were able to set me up an account over the phone and post a job describing what we were looking for. They arranged for all the staff for us. All the temporary staff they supplied were very hard workers and took direction well. We still use there staff on occasion when needed. Very happy with my experience CFTB and have since recommended there service to others. Alisha Soles " (Alisha Soles)